• Matt Prior

    Ex-raf Fighter Pilot, Explorer & World record holder

    "Commit to something. Take the right gear with you. Put your balls on the line. Then figure it out!"

  • Tybalt Peake

    Climber, Explorer & Sailor

    "I’m immensely proud of my association with Texenergy. The cutting edge products that they develop are potentially life-saving when I’m on expedition. I need to be totally self-sufficient and resilient when exploring remote regions – and my mum also likes a call from me to let her know that I’m alive! Texenergy make this possible."

  • Squash Falconer

    Adventurer, Everest mountaineer, Public speaker & TV presenter

    "Texenergy is at the forefront of portable power product development. I have worked with the R&D team for 5 years and have always been impressed by their vision and the fact that they really listen to feedback and use it to perfect their products. They know what users need to be confident, safe and fully powered up in the great outdoors and are continuously exploring new ideas and technologies."

  • Kenton Cool

    Adventurer & Mountaineer with over 10 Everest summits

    "Having the ability to charge things off-grid is absolutely essential. As things evolve we find we become more and more dependent on being able to power up our equipment."